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Patch Notes Patch notes - 03/11/2020

Last weeks hot fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the /pay command being able to take money from people and put them into more debt than the US has
  • Fixed an issue with a duplication glitch that occurred when placing a backpack and opening it at the same time
  • Added birch planks to the stonks shop

  • Server now automatically restarts at 3 am eastern standard time

  • Fixed an issue where you could pull entities out of other peoples claims with the grappling hook
  • Added nether wart to the auto re-plant feature
  • Added claim protections to several blocks - for a full list see here
  • Added claim protections to hanging item frames and the items in them
Bow Trails:
  • Fixed an issue where bow trails were free, they now respect the wishes of their salesmen and will make him money


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